Useful Travel Tips & Tricks

Hey there! Are you looking for some useful travel tips and tricks to make your travels smoother?

On this page I will show you some travel tips and resources that have been quite helpful during my travels. Also I will give you an overview of the gear that I have used and which have proven to be good enough quality (of course it all depends on the destination and what type of travel you are planning).

Hopefully you’ll find something useful here and if you think this page is missing something that could be useful for other travelers too or vice-versa then feel free to let me know:)

Wi-Fi passwords of airports worldwide

We all know that when traveling the access to the Internet can be sometimes crucial. Whether you need to make a bank transaction, find info about transportation or something else. Neither do many of us find it reasonable to buy a local prepaid SIM card everywhere we go to get online. So here’s the map that might help you out:

The map is being constantly updated and if you have any new info about some hot-spot then please let the author foXoMad know about it.

Accommodation ideas


On my last travels I have found the best way to live like a local by using the local peoples’ apartments. The very convenient way to stay in such places is to use Airbnb. By the way if you are new to Airbnb and register via the button below then you’ll get extra credit for your stays.

In case you don’t find anything suitable for your needs from Airbnb then another worthy page to find a places to stay is There might not be local peoples apartments but you can still find some nice hostels or hotels with a reasonable price.



When it comes to finding flights then my absolute first place to check from is Skyscanner. There I usually find the cheapest flights that suit for me and then find the same flights on the carrier’s homepage. Sometimes the prices a bit lower on the last one.


Similar to Skyscanner it’s a search engine for finding most suitable flights. When it’s super comfortable to purchase the tickets on Momondo’s page you can also check out the prices on the carrier’s homepage. I’ve found a few hundred dollar difference;)

Also you can check out the post with great tips of How to Find Cheap Flights by the peeps from StagKissBudabest.

Car Rental

One of a great way to explore foreign countries is by driving. It’s not easy (or possible) to bring your own car everywhere so it’s a good idea to rent one. I have put together 10 hacks that you should know when renting a car.