The Beginning…

As thousands of others around the world I had decided to go on a Working Holiday in Australia. It was specifically good time for that since at the time the recession started to take place in Estonia. And why not to use the possibility and go see the world? kuala lumpur candy shop

The travel was one of the longest I have had. From Tallinn to London to Kuala Lumpur to Perth. London – Kuala Lumpur flight was about 14 hours and with no meals. For me at least. It’s because didn’t have the right currency and card payments didn’t work. Don’t try this yourself!

Arriving to Kuala Lumpur and stepping out of the airplane felt pretty crazy for a northerner like me. It was like one super big sauna:P. Luckily for my stomach I also had there a chance to jump by some stores to get something to eat (should I call it a proper meal is a different question).


Finally I stepped onto the promised land of Australia. A little disappointed about the weather though. In pictures the Ozzie land’s climate always seemed so sunny and hot but in reality we had to take out our warmest clothes. Of course it was only early spring there but for inexperienced traveler it was kind of a surprise. Still everybody felt really positive about the arrival and so agreed the taxi driver from who I got the first “no worries mate”.

Perth is one of the largest cities in Australia and the largest in Western Australia state. For some reason most larger and popular cities are located on the east coast. The city’s atmosphere was pretty calm if not counting the backpackers’ places. So I stayed there for a week to get used with the life down under and then headed to the east side.

The first few days was spent on exploring the city. Mostly that included walks in some public parks like Stirling Gardens, hanging around the Bell Tower and King’s Park (with Botanic Garden). The last one is a pretty large nature-area and there are many interesting walking routes to take. You also get a great panoramic view of the city plus you’ll see lots of exotic plants and even some animals that are not common in Europe. No real life kangaroos though. But as I said the park is not the smallest, so you’d better plan some time for it. For the architectural sights you should visit London Court which makes a nice contrast besides tall skyscrapers.

perth city at night

City of Perth – a view from King’s Park

Where did I stay?

Perth City YHA

If you have been traveling as a backpacker before then you probably have seen the letter combination of YHA. It is an association of youth hostels and their establishments can be found in a lot of countries. I spent there my first night in Perth.

Nothing bad can be said about the hostel’s condition. It was clean, in a pretty good location and the staff was friendly. Also it had a small cinema type of room with extremely comfortable couches (after a long day it is very easy to fall asleep there…). Maybe it was off-season or for some reason there weren’t many quests in this hostel. So, me and my fellow travelers wanted to meet other backpackers too and decided to move to another hostel.

Billabong Backpackers Resort

billabong backbackers resortI continued my Working Holiday in Perth in a very surf-related place. It’s name Billabong already says this place must be popular among young folks. And the name doesn’t lie. The resort was crowded with backpackers just like us. As we stepped in we already met some Estonians.

The place had very nice dormitory rooms and a large pool inside the yard. There you could easily grab a beer and get to know other backpackers and ask what to do or what not to do. The hostel offers a wide range of activities too. One of these “activities” was some kind of a meeting party which even was free of charge. It included a party-bus ride to some club plus one beer and a hot dog. I also randomly met in that party one guy to whom I had sold my turntable back in Estonia few years before. It’s a small world…


What’s your experiences with the Working Holiday in Perth or in Australia?