Going to Openair Frauenfeld 2014

Openair Frauenfeld 2014 is a music festival in a small Swiss town called Frauenfeld. The festival is being held every summer and its lineup is usually filled with hip-hop and R’n’B artists. Most of the artists there are current big names but time to time some older and legendary artists are included. Since I’m a hip-hop head and not many of those old school artists ever happen to come to Estonia (barely one or two in a year) then this year me and a few others decided to go and see what’s this festival is about. Specially when the lineup included names like OutKast and Nas.

For a transportation we chose a rented minivan which was quite reasonable for a company of seven. The trip to Frauenfeld was basically pure driving. About 2500 kilometers with a shifts doesn’t take long. Our only stops were gas stations for fuel and food.

Day 1

When we finally arrived to Frauenfeld we were impressed by the scale of the festival. I mean the local hip-hop festival in Estonia where I used to go every year is a small village party compared to this. What didn’t impress us though, was the weather. It happened to be a rainy period. So the first things we had to find were rain boots. Luckily it didn’t take long and a pleasant surprise was that they were super cheap. Specially considering that Switzerland is usually not the cheapest country to visit.

After putting up our tents we were ready to enjoy Openair Frauenfeld 2014. The Boot Camp Clik live (which probably was Sean Price’s one of the last live performances before his untimely death in 2015) for the start was a indication that this festival was going to be awesome. After them I witnessed Pharrell Williams‘ ability to bring together such a mass of people. It was the first time I saw so many people in a concert. The night continued with pretty interesting M.I.A and finished with the great OutKast. It might have been once in a lifetime possibility to see them on stage since they are not active anymore.

Day 2

The second day’s lineup of Openair Frauenfeld 2014 consisted mainly of local artists or the ones that wasn’t really my taste. So most of the day I spent in the camping area. Still there were one positive surprise on this day – Angel Haze. I had never heard of her but the live was good enough to check out the rest of her music.

If you have ever been to a similar music festival then you know that the camping area has a life of its own. Lots of rather private partying and chilling going on. The wealth of this region could be seen even from the tents in the camping area. Pretty much every third tent was four times the size of ours with comforts like chairs, tables etc. And the odd thing was that in the end of the festival everybody just left all this gear there to be thrown away.

So as I was saying, the day was passed enjoying the festival’s vibe and getting in touch with locals. It’s remarkably easy to make friends when one of your companion has brought 2 x 40 liter canisters of beer which we named “Poison” (because of the look of the canister).

Day 3

The final day’s line-up had again some artists of my style. Starting with Joey Badass who turned the audience into a smoke machine (made everybody light their joints) so it was pretty cool view from a distance. Pro Era crew was followed by always interesting and political Immortal Technique‘s live.

I think that was also the weather’s turning point for the day. Actually all three days were so that in the morning the Sun was shining and burning as hell and in the afternoon it slowly began raining. And on the third day it rained properly. By the end of the night the tents were floating around the camping area. Luckily we slept all nights in our minivan and only used the tents to store drinks and food so no harm there. But yeah, it was pretty chaotic scene.

The last artists of my-cup-of-tea that performed were Mobb Deep that I enjoyed from a distance under some food truck’s roof. Hoping that it would stop raining before the festival night’s culmination Nas stepped on the stage. Of course the rain didn’t stop so I had to fight the forces of nature and go in the front of the stage. Missing that show wasn’t an option. Specially when it was his classic debut album Illmatic’s 20 year anniversary live. By the end of the performance I was soaked but it all was definitely worth it. One of the best live experiences I have had.

So that was it. The next day we started moving back home. Openair Frauenfeld 2014 was definitely worth going and if you haven’t been to a festival like this then I recommend to visit at least one in your lifetime. Here’s also an official glimpse of the third day of the festival (at 0:55 you can even see our Estonian flag):

Have you been to a similar music festival? Let me know in the comments below…