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My first name is Siim but many people know me by the name of Supa, or both combined as Supa Siim. You can call me however you like the most.

How did I start to travel the world

The first longer trip I had was to Sochi when I was about 3 years old. Needless to say I only remember fragments of it.

But that was the start. From there on I used to travel to some foreign country with my family pretty much every year until I turned 18.

After graduating the high school I worked a few years on a 9 to 5 job without being able to save much (read: enough to travel).

Usually once someone has been to some exotic country they develop an appetite for more. So did I and it grew and grew. Until I decided to leave my job and apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia which have been the longest trip in my life so far.

Returning from the ‘down under’ I thought it’s a wise idea to get a degree and enrolled at the Estonian Aviation Academy. Graduating that obviously supplied me with a skills and better chances to get a proper job. Which I got and so I started another 9 to 5 office job period that lasted about 4 years.

The good thing about it was that I was able to save money allowing me to have multiple travels a year. Those travels again amplified my desire to explore our wonderful world and everything in it.

So I again quit my job and packed my bags for another Working Holiday. This time in Canada…

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Discovering good stuff in Australia


What will you find on Step Into the World?

Step Into the World is a collection of stories about my travels all over the world. It will include many different kinds of traveling styles. From adventurous backpacking and sleeping in a car to the better funded trips and stays in comfortable hotels.

Also I will try to give you short reviews of places where I stay and eat so you don’t have to experiment yourself:)

In addition to my travel stories I will bring you lots of useful travel hacks, tricks and tips that you can utilize on your own travels. A good example is my 10 tips for renting a car.

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Badlands in Argentina


3 main reasons for me to start a travel blog

  • One of the main reasons I blog is because as the years pass by the memories usually tend to fade. So this blog helps me to remember more details about my travels and so on. As I mentioned before I have been traveling from a very early age but there are not much that I can remember. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog then but now it’s time to fix it.
  • Another good reason for this blog is to share useful tips and tricks that fellow travelers might find helpful. At least when I travel I usually read blogs to get the best available information about the destination. Why blogs? Because in general they are more personal. From a traveler just like myself not some big travel company whose main mission is just to sell their product.
  • And finally, many of us are familiar with that feeling when you come home from a journey and have so much to tell about it to your peers, right? But not everybody are always so interested how’s life in a places far away. Then again, some who are interested and want to hear every little detail about it might not have a chance to hear it. Whether the reason is a long distance, busy schedule or you just don’t get to meet each other for some time. So through this blog I try to solve this situation.

If you feel like you wish to keep an eye out on my steps into the world then be sure to sign up for a newsletter. I will send you a letter twice a month (maximum) for you not to miss a post. There won’t be any spam:)